February 2017  

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Happy New Year from the DC NACE Board of Directors!

We hope that everyone had a relaxing holiday season and the opportunity to reset for a new and exciting year. We are gearing up for a great year of presenting monthly events at awesome venues with interesting and engaging programs, and we can't wait to see you!

Save the date for our next meeting on Tuesday, February 21st at the W Hotel in Washington, DC! Join us to reconnect, learn, and share in our theme for the year: "making connections with passion and purpose." We look forward to hearing your "why NACE?" and being a part of your growth and successes in 2017!

Jackie Dolan, Vice President, DC NACE
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Don't Forget! 

DC NACE wants to hear from YOU about what you would like to see this year! Please take 5 minutes to fill out this survey about what brings you to our monthly programs and events!

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Calendar of Events


Monthly Meetings
Tuesday, February 21
Tuesday, March 21

Tuesday, April 18
Tuesday, May 16
Tuesday, June 20
Thursday, July 13
Tuesday, August 22
Tuesday, September 19
Tuesday, October 17
Tuesday, November 21
Tuesday, December 19

Dates are tentative and subject to change

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NACE DC Board of Directors

2017 DC NACE Board

Jennifer Charles, President
Co-Founder / Chief Creative Officer at Something Fabulous 

Jennifer Head Shot
For me, NACE is an organization that I've found true friendships some that started off as business relationships. That's the great thing about NACE -- you really get to know people & learn about their businesses. NACE is a warm & inviting organization that supports its members successes. The motto "A rising tide lifts all boats." To me this is a belief I live by, so it only makes sense for me to be apart of an organization that believes in the same things. 

Jackie Dolan, Vice President
Director of Sales, The Howard Theatre

Jackie Head Shot
I attended my first DC NACE meeting as a new events professional in 2012 and haven't looked back since. Our NACE chapter is a family, and as such, we support, cheer, and encourage each other to push to new heights and get better at what we do, personally and as an industry. My hope is to be able to show others the same friendship and hospitality that I have received over the last 3 years... that is our expertise after all! I love my NACE fam, and hope you will join us for a fun year ahead!

Suzanne deSousa, Secretary/Treasurer
Senior Catering Manager, Capital Hilton

Suzanne Head Shot
Happy New Year and Welcome to 2017 - the  year of making connections with passion and purpose here at DC NACE! I am proud to be serving in a dual role on the Board this year as both Secretary and Treasurer. Professionally, I work in downtown DC at the Capital Hilton as a Senior Catering Manager and could not be happier to integrate my role professionally into my passion with NACE. When I look back to my first experience with NACE back in 2013, I remember thinking how different it felt - even from my first meeting. I had been to several different types of networking events and I remember walking in and feeling a connection to those in attendance. I had thought to myself this experience was going to be like no other and then attending my first NACE Experience Conference held in Baltimore that year only solidified what I had felt on a local level. The people and connections made in NACE are unlike any other; the people for me have not only become professional contacts but personal friends as well. They not only understand the industry but thrive in an environment that looks to grow and expand what we do on a daily basis. I look forward to sharing this experience with you all this year and hoping you feel the connection we hope to bring to you all!

Danielle Johnson, Director of Membership
Senior Planning Manager, Ronald Reagan Building & International Trade Center

Danielle Photo
I initially was interested in NACE strictly for networking opportunities. I thought it would be a great way to meet individuals in my industry. I ended up choosing NACE because of the people. The first NACE Monthly meeting I attended was a great experience for me. I was welcomed with open arms and the members were very warm and inclusive. They were truly impressive. I have met amazing people and built great friendships through being a part of this organization. It has been a great experience.

Aisha Malik Rodriguez, Immediate Past President
Account Executive, Capital Party Rentals

Aisha Head Shot
I often think back to my first D.C. NACE event and remember how much I was welcomed. It has been years since then and I can honestly say that at every single NACE meeting has brought a new and wonderful person into my life. I learn from them, they learn from me... it's a wonderful experience. I have met some of my best friends at NACE Events. Of course the business aspect of it is definitely there. At each meeting someone always remembers to tell me they need something or have someone who needs my services, but that isn't what won my heart and dedication. It is the people. Everyone asks why... that's it. NACE has some of the best people I have ever met and continue to meet. Honest, genuine and caring. From D.C. To Hawaii ... you can find amazing NACE friends always willing to give a helping hand. I am proud to be the Immediate Past President and look forward to whatever trouble I can cause in the future.

Amil Mendez, Programs Co-Chair
Owner / Founder, Rayne Events

Amil Head Shot
I joined NACE to network with and learn from other event professionals in our area. After joining the board of DC NACE, I have also added to my agenda growing the event industry in Maryland, DC, and Virginia. I am the owner/founder Rayne Events, an event production company specializing in sound and lighting, lounge furniture, and pipe and drape.

Carleigh Dworetzky, Programs Co-Chair
Function Space Manager, Destination DC

Carleigh Head Shot
NACE has proven to be fundamental in establishing relationships; both professionally and personally. Having a network of the nation's leading event professionals has truly been invaluable and continues to connect me to top trends and some of the best people around! 

Laura Gaige, Community Service and Fundraising Co-Chair
Director of Catering, Columbia Country Club

Laura Head Shot
Why NACE? It’s the best way to meet industry professionals that are true to their craft and build long lasting relationships. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help, it’s really a great group of people!

Ameena Chaudhry, Community Service and Fundraising Co-Chair
Sales Associate, National 4-H Conference Center

Ameena Head Shot
Happy New Year Everyone! I am so excited to kick off this year as your awesome Fundraising and Community Service Director! My journey with NACE began more than 5 years ago when I volunteered to help out doing hospitality during meetings. Being asked to join the Board in my first year as an official member was an overwhelming thought, but having built great connections and friendships over the years I dived right in! When I think of all that NACE has exposed me too, I am reminded of a quote by Simon Sinek, "The true value of networking doesn't come from how many people we can meet, but rather how many people we can introduce." I am looking forward to attending some incredible meetings this year and serving my chapter and community! 

Fiona Caramba-Coker, Hospitality Chair
Corporate Account Manager, Entertainment Cruises

My name is Fiona Caramba-Coker, and I am an Account Manager with Entertainment Cruises in Washington, DC – the nation’s largest dining cruise company. I have enjoyed a career in the hospitality industry for almost 13 years. From planning and marketing events at a large Division 1 University, to creating memorable experiences as a Senior Catering Sales Manager at Full Service hotels, my passion for hospitality and catering continues to blossom. I earned my Masters in Hospitality Information Management from the University of Delaware, and continue to enjoy any opportunity to hone my skills as a catering sales professional and build on my experiences. NACE offered a perfect avenue to do so, as well as to network with other passionate and thriving hospitality and catering professionals. I joined the DC Chapter of NACE in 2015, and immediately felt the comradery amongst the members. Even during busy times of the year, when I may not have made it to every monthly meeting, I was always welcomed back warmly. The speakers and resources provided through the NACE meetings have also been inspiring and beneficial to me as a catering and hospitality professional. I am excited about the opportunity to get more involved in NACE this year as a member of the board and to engage other catering and hospitality professionals in the DC NACE Experience.

Sesyle Moorehead, CPCE Chair
Owner, Seslia & Company

Sesyle Head Shot
After relocating to DC, I searched for an opportunity to connect with professionals in the industry. At the urging of a friend, I joined the NACE Board. Not only has NACE provided me the opportunity to meet and network with others in the field, it has also provided me with growth opportunities - both professionally and personally. NACE has served as a wonderful introduction to the city and market... and continues to serve through support and friendship.


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