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    April DC NACE meeting - Chat Bots, and Messenger Marketing? Oh My!!!

    The Sun is out! The weather has improved! 

    Are you prepared to take advantage of the flood of leads?

    WITH OVER 500 WEDDINGS UNDER HIS BELT, HENRY CHEN has become one of the most-rated and highly sought-after photographers in the SoCal region. Specializing in multicultural, interfaith, and ethnic celebrations, Henry has had the privilege of connecting and working with couples from all walks of life.

    Over 13 years in the industry, Henry grew his business through a holistic marketing approach that harnessed various channels to attract and engage his ideal clients — from social media to advertising to word-of-mouth marketing. Yet, in the past year, Henry observed a notable shift within the market and the way people consume media and associate with brands.

    Out of this realization, Henry launched his chat marketing education platform, Wedding Chat Marketing, and his turnkey chat marketing agency, Creative Chat Marketing, in an effort to help wedding professionals, venues, and creative entrepreneurs successfully use chat marketing to generate leads and earn more while saving time.

    Henry is also a YouTuber, backpacker/hiker, and—most importantly—a devoted husband and father.


    $0.00 Virtual Ticket - Free Meeting

    $0.00 Virtual Ticket - Free Meeting

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